mardi 1 novembre 2016

The beginning of the year

If one superficially observes a classroom one sees chaos. However if you watch closely you will find children at the task of self-constructing themselves by engaging in purposeful work and meaningful engagement. They have moved out of their comfort zones and are trying to adapt to their fellow beings and an absolutely new environment.

A Montessori environment allows children to gain knowledge through self-discovery, exploration and repetition with minimum adult interference. While working with the didactic materials in the casa, the child gets ample opportunities for self-correction which is important for a learner.

The environment challenges the children to come up with solutions to the problems they face, think wisely and arrive at conclusions. They become critical thinkers and doers. This helps them to move towards functional and mental independence. The older children kindly and compassionately help the younger ones to settle down quickly and become an inspiration. It is beautiful to see a six year old offering assistance to a three year old.

This environment gives them an opportunity to regulate their own social interactions and behaviours and become confident within themselves. They have the freedom to choose work and do it individually or in groups. A work habit or attitude also gets established which becomes the solid base for the next phase of development. They learn to collaborate and coexist with each other and to respect other people and objects in their environment. They learn to use their mind, body, and the senses which leads to an automatic love for learning. It builds their imagination and allows self-expression.


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